land in lagos for construction of a real estate project

Marina Park II is the designation of a set of 2 plots of land, with a total area of 122,160m2, for which there is a Prior Information Request (PIP) for a subdivision operation approved by the Municipality of Lagos which includes an area of intervention of 72,729 m2 with an approved construction area of 51,120 m². In addition to the intervention area considered in the PIP, there is a remaining area to the south, with 12,536 m², which gives a potential construction area of 5,238 m², in accordance with the applicable urban planning instruments. The remaining area to the north, with 35,453 m², is proposed in the PIP as a concession area (compensation portion) to integrate the municipal private domain. The land is located close to the already built Marina Park I development and represents an excellent investment opportunity for the development of a new urban space. This area, either because of market demand or because of its location and surroundings, has a special vocation for carrying out a housing project aimed at the middle class and also at young people in the Lagos area. The solution presented in the approved PIP complies with the urban parameters stipulated by the Lagos Urbanization Plan. Contact us for more information.

General information about the property

Acreage: 122 160 m2
Property tax
On request.

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16 250 000 EUR
Plot area:
122 160 m2


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